Tech Reformation
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Welcome to the Tech Reformation – where the world of technology meets the worldview of Christianity. Tech Reformation is a weekly podcast hosted by four Reformed Christians discussing the latest tech topics and how the Christian worldview impacts and interprets the often secular world of technology. Grab your USBs and ESVs and join us each week for the Tech Reformation!

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    116: Plagued By Individualism

    We discuss a TED talk on the nature of love, humanity and technology by Helen Fisher, and then meander over to the topic of paedobaptism, and why we don't do that.

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    115: Pondering The Brilliance of Evil

    We wander to and fro when talking about the successfully hacked Nintendo Switch. Terms of Service, abortion, admiring evildoers... lots of discussion this week!

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    113: Oh, That's Gnosticism

    Derek complains about old iPhones, and the gang discusses some questions raised by the premise of Netflix’s Altered Carbon.

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    112: Fear & Free Speech

    Chris Orsini joins Derek and Craig this week to talk about how we ought to respond to bad news, as well as changes in how free speech works in this internet age.

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    111: How Is This Fun?

    Derek squees over cardboard, Tank speeds up his reading, and Ben ponders how original Christians should be with creative work.

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    110: Optimized for Humans

    We dig into some news on Facebook redirecting their ship into a more social platform, and have a lively debate about the value of going "off-grid" on the internet.

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    109: CPU is an Amoral Monster

    This week Alex Humphrey joins us to help clarify some of the ins and outs of the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, including an explanation in layman's terms, what they mean for most PC users today, and where to from here.

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    108: The Internet Doesn't Like Nuance

    Derek brings news about Apple's iPhone CPU throttling practices, Tank discusses Logan Paul's infamous 'Pokemon Go' video, Ben introduces us to a new live trivia app with real prizes and Craig talks about eight kinds of Christian commenters.

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    107: Sensus Divinitatus & Online Missions

    Ben shares some thoughts regarding humanity's sense of divinity and the secular fear of AI, we muse about what it means to be a missionary online, and Craig continues that thought with explaining how Anchored North works.

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