Tech Reformation
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Welcome to the Tech Reformation – where the world of technology meets the worldview of Christianity. Tech Reformation is a weekly podcast hosted by four Reformed Christians discussing the latest tech topics and how the Christian worldview impacts and interprets the often secular world of technology. Grab your USBs and ESVs and join us each week for the Tech Reformation!

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    108: The Internet Doesn't Like Nuance

    Derek brings news about Apple's iPhone CPU throttling practices, Tank discusses Logan Paul's infamous 'Pokemon Go' video, Ben introduces us to a new live trivia app with real prizes and Craig talks about eight kinds of Christian commenters.

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    107: Sensus Divinitatus & Online Missions

    Ben shares some thoughts regarding humanity's sense of divinity and the secular fear of AI, we muse about what it means to be a missionary online, and Craig continues that thought with explaining how Anchored North works.

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    105: Bullying, iMac Pro & FCC Vote

    The FCC votes down Net Neutrality and such is life now, we discuss the problem of bullying and sympathize with Keaton Jones, and we drool all over the shiny black accessories to the iMac Pro.

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    104: Value & Danger in Kid Tech

    Facebook Messenger for kids, the strange problem of kids videos on YouTube, and enabling the Stranger Things life.

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    100: Favo(u)rite Shows and Future Topics

    This week Ben, Craig, Derek and Tank celebrate 100 episodes of Tech Reformation by discussing their favo(u)rite shows to date and thinking about future topics. Join us!

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    99: So... it's like a web browser?

    This week we wish you all a Happy Reformation Day, talk about read receipts and Amazon Key, and in a throwback to Season 1, Tank brings a Tech You Should Use!

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