Tech Reformation
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Welcome to the Tech Reformation – where the world of technology meets the worldview of Christianity. Tech Reformation is a weekly podcast hosted by four Reformed Christians discussing the latest tech topics and how the Christian worldview impacts and interprets the often secular world of technology. Grab your USBs and ESVs and join us each week for the Tech Reformation!

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    125: ✌️ Machine Learning ✌️

    Everything's all about Google's developer keynote! Skynet's calling our hairdressers, our news is getting less echo chamber-y, and self driving cars might actually be a thing for real now!

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    124: Privacy and GDPR

    So you've probably been getting emails recently asking you to accept terms and conditions or maybe to resubscribe to a mailing list. That's thanks to GDPR! What is it? What does it do? And how does Scripture speak on the subject of privacy?

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    123: Ready Player One

    We've all watched the movie now, so we give our initial impressions and dive into the worldview espoused by Ready Player One.

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    121: Don't Sleep or You'll Be Robbed

    Apparently kids still get bored, even with the entirety of the internet in their hands. We talk about that, plus, how should we deal with boredom as Christians?

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    120: Which Kind of Moral

    Military AI, the human tendency to collect, and reminiscing about old and fun, yet perhaps a little too addictive, past-times.

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    119: Gotta Get More Chemicals

    hashtag #lifehaxx for getting less addicted to your phone, and we ponder what is genuinely worth your attention.

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    118: Propaganda

    We go deep on the story about the data mining story surrounding Facebook, learn some Greek, as well as discuss how we should be interacting in this new age of propaganda (not the rapper).

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    117: Popcorn Technology

    We go Buzzfeed-style this week and give our hot takes on things mentioned in the MIT Technology Review for 2018.

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    116: Plagued By Individualism

    We discuss a TED talk on the nature of love, humanity and technology by Helen Fisher, and then meander over to the topic of paedobaptism, and why we don't do that.

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