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Welcome to the Tech Reformation – where the world of technology meets the worldview of Christianity. Tech Reformation is a weekly podcast hosted by four Reformed Christians discussing the latest tech topics and how the Christian worldview impacts and interprets the often secular world of technology. Grab your USBs and ESVs and join us each week for the Tech Reformation!

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    166: He's Impassible!

    Amazon is paying tons of money on research to get you reading more. I wonder if clickbait like this would work.

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    165: Jason Moana

    We discuss the Apple event, the various things announced at it, and then focus in on Apple's family friendly attitude and their forthcoming TV shows.

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    163: Whoa. This Is Heavy

    Weird shower cap things and hearing people through your arm. Also why Facebook wants to read your mind.

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    162: The Fortnight of Slack

    Fortnight is a place, a really big place with lots of people. Is it the next social network?

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    161: Learning on Hard Mode

    All the hosts this week are what you might call digital creatives, so we discuss the democratization of digital creativity.

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    159: 75% Pastor

    Are podcasts hurting preaching? Should sermon podcasts even exist? What would Jesus podcast? Plus, a special guest.

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    158: Wiki Wiki The Internet

    The internet gets a lot of flack, most of it deserved. But in this episode, we pour one out for the internet and talk about ways that tech has positively shaped our spiritual lives.

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    157: Except a Civil War

    We talk about a pro life group that's using tech and marketing to help stop abortion.

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    153: Realtime Followup

    What do people getting fired at Netflix, Ephesians 4:15, and John Piper have to do with each other?

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    151: Your Kangaroo Force

    In this episode, we talk about some new laws about encryption and privacy in Australia. Featuring an actual Australian!

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    150: Don't You Dare Become Presbyterians

    This is a bittersweet episode. A milestone, a transition, and a new path forward. Plus some Google Feud thrown in for good measure.

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    149: I’m Not Shady; I Promise

    Does Apple have a monopoly on the App Store? We discuss some court cases that are currently trying to decide that.

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    148: We're All Doctors

    This week, our heroes take a break from solving the world's problems, and instead kick back, relax, and count their technological blessings.

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    147: You’re Gonna Siracusa This

    We discuss freedom of speech online and the recent movements related to terms of service, Change the Terms and Contributor Covenant.

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    146: The Pace of Modern Life

    We reflect on the state of technology over the centuries and how people reacted to new eras of technology in essentially the same way.

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    145: Living WiFi

    The great digital vs physical Bible debate.

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    144: A Badward Direction

    Ligonier just released a study on the state of theology today, and it’s…not what you would call good. We talk about the stats, marvel and recoil at the results, and speculate on how technology may be shaping how we interact with theology in general.

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    143: Your Score Just Dropped

    China has a new technological marvel it’s been testing and rolling out in the last year or two, their social credit system. What exactly is it, how does it work, and what are implications for both normal citizens, but also for the Christians?

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    142: Guilt and Bad PR

    As a society, we’ve gotten very reliant on our smartphones. Very, VERY reliant. So much so that you might think we have a problem. Well, fear not! Google and Apple are here to help our digital wellbeing with recent software, and that’s what we’re talking about this week. Tune it to hear the horror of just how much time we spend on our devices!

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    141: Looking Back on Our Years of Smartphones

    Another September, another iPhone announcement from Apple. Seems like a good time to reflect on our uses of smartphones and their impact on our lives.

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    140: MoviePass

    Ben brings us the checkered history of MoviePass and similar services in the US.

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    139: Samsung = Apple + Bayhem

    Samsung keynote time! The Unpacked show was just August 8th, where good ol' Sammy announced the new Note 9, Galaxy Watch, and other stuff, so Derek tries his hardest to explain what happened while Ben guesses randomly.

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    138: The Wrong Side of the Ban Stick

    There's been a ton of controversy around Alex Jones and web platforms such as Apple, YouTube and Twitter either banning or not banning the conspiracy theorist and expert provocateur. We delve into his backstory and the controversy to get you some facts, then give our opinions on whether this was all justified or not!

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    136: 3D Printed Guns

    We're talking about 3D printed guns! We go through the backstory of this turning point in firearm history and talk about how this changes things going forward. And also, we probably shouldn't panic. For now.

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    134: Technology is Good

    Ben and Derek get together to finally hash out the Tech Neutrality debate once and for all. And it turns out to have a pretty happy ending!

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    133: Adam Holz of Plugged In

    We had the opportunity to interview Adam Holz this week, a senior editor of Plugged In, to talk about their process for reviewing and categorizing content, the moral dilemma of reviewing bad content to warn others, and looking forward at the future of the website!

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    132: ⭐️ Persecution or Not? ⭐️

    As Silicon Valley's grown bigger and liberal ideology has dominated the tech sphere, there's been a lot of talk about Christians eventually being pushed out of the conversation altogether by methods of persecution or discrimination. This week we talk about 3 situations that could be perceived that way, and make our own judgements!

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    131: They Probably Won't Make a Killbot

    Google recently put out a list of principles they plan to follow in applying AI technologies. Where do our worldviews align and separate when it comes to such important technology, and why does it matter?

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    130: The Person of Your Dreams, or Day

    Tinder has always been a hot topic from its inception, and we talk about it this week! What effects does Tinder-style judgement have on us and the culture, and what does the Bible say about it?

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    129: A Lava Lamp of Friends (WWDC Draft!)

    Ahhhh, the WWDC keynote, the Super Bowl for Apple watchers. So we made like a sports this week and drafted our favorite things from the keynote!

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    128: Crowdsourcing Theology

    Ever been stuck on a decision and just needed other people to break the tie? We talk about that this week in reference to spiritual decisions or beliefs. Should crowdsourcing our beliefs be a thing in any way?

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    125: ✌️ Machine Learning ✌️

    Everything's all about Google's developer keynote! Skynet's calling our hairdressers, our news is getting less echo chamber-y, and self driving cars might actually be a thing for real now!

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    124: Privacy and GDPR

    So you've probably been getting emails recently asking you to accept terms and conditions or maybe to resubscribe to a mailing list. That's thanks to GDPR! What is it? What does it do? And how does Scripture speak on the subject of privacy?

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    123: Ready Player One

    We've all watched the movie now, so we give our initial impressions and dive into the worldview espoused by Ready Player One.

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    121: Don't Sleep or You'll Be Robbed

    Apparently kids still get bored, even with the entirety of the internet in their hands. We talk about that, plus, how should we deal with boredom as Christians?

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    120: Which Kind of Moral

    Military AI, the human tendency to collect, and reminiscing about old and fun, yet perhaps a little too addictive, past-times.

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    119: Gotta Get More Chemicals

    hashtag #lifehaxx for getting less addicted to your phone, and we ponder what is genuinely worth your attention.

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    118: Propaganda

    We go deep on the story about the data mining story surrounding Facebook, learn some Greek, as well as discuss how we should be interacting in this new age of propaganda (not the rapper).

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    117: Popcorn Technology

    We go Buzzfeed-style this week and give our hot takes on things mentioned in the MIT Technology Review for 2018.

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    116: Plagued By Individualism

    We discuss a TED talk on the nature of love, humanity and technology by Helen Fisher, and then meander over to the topic of paedobaptism, and why we don't do that.

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    115: Pondering The Brilliance of Evil

    We wander to and fro when talking about the successfully hacked Nintendo Switch. Terms of Service, abortion, admiring evildoers... lots of discussion this week!

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    113: Oh, That's Gnosticism

    Derek complains about old iPhones, and the gang discusses some questions raised by the premise of Netflix’s Altered Carbon.

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    112: Fear & Free Speech

    Chris Orsini joins Derek and Craig this week to talk about how we ought to respond to bad news, as well as changes in how free speech works in this internet age.

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    111: How Is This Fun?

    Derek squees over cardboard, Tank speeds up his reading, and Ben ponders how original Christians should be with creative work.

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    110: Optimized for Humans

    We dig into some news on Facebook redirecting their ship into a more social platform, and have a lively debate about the value of going "off-grid" on the internet.

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    109: CPU is an Amoral Monster

    This week Alex Humphrey joins us to help clarify some of the ins and outs of the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, including an explanation in layman's terms, what they mean for most PC users today, and where to from here.

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    108: The Internet Doesn't Like Nuance

    Derek brings news about Apple's iPhone CPU throttling practices, Tank discusses Logan Paul's infamous 'Pokemon Go' video, Ben introduces us to a new live trivia app with real prizes and Craig talks about eight kinds of Christian commenters.

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    107: Sensus Divinitatus & Online Missions

    Ben shares some thoughts regarding humanity's sense of divinity and the secular fear of AI, we muse about what it means to be a missionary online, and Craig continues that thought with explaining how Anchored North works.

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    105: Bullying, iMac Pro & FCC Vote

    The FCC votes down Net Neutrality and such is life now, we discuss the problem of bullying and sympathize with Keaton Jones, and we drool all over the shiny black accessories to the iMac Pro.

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    104: Value & Danger in Kid Tech

    Facebook Messenger for kids, the strange problem of kids videos on YouTube, and enabling the Stranger Things life.

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    100: Favo(u)rite Shows and Future Topics

    This week Ben, Craig, Derek and Tank celebrate 100 episodes of Tech Reformation by discussing their favo(u)rite shows to date and thinking about future topics. Join us!

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    99: So... it's like a web browser?

    This week we wish you all a Happy Reformation Day, talk about read receipts and Amazon Key, and in a throwback to Season 1, Tank brings a Tech You Should Use!

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    95: Your Dad is Illiterate

    This week, we welcome David Mikucki from Helvetic: A Podcast to help us talk about parental controls, Twitter's character growth, and how technology influences our view of elders.

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    92: Magic Grace

    In Ep.92 we answer the question "Is technology magic?", talk about public perceptions of atheists and discuss subscriptions. Join us!

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    91: Farewell Flash

    In Ep.91 we talk about inclusive/'accessible' design, discuss DNA data storage and reflect on the 'good old days' of Flash.

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    90: A Galactic Council for the Internet

    This week we talk missional communities, the ethics & implications of internet censorship, and 7 negative effects of the iPhone. Join us!

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    89: Diversity and Racial Reconciliation

    In Episode 89 we follow up on the Google "anti-diversity memo" before welcoming Kyle James Howard as our special guest for an important discussion on racial reconciliation.

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    87: Wi-Fi Pineapples?

    In Ep.87 we discuss the new iPhone design, how to avoid getting hacked & new technology that could help the fight against abortion.

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    86: Facts Don't Care About Feelings

    In Ep.86 we discuss the future of QR codes, Elon Musk's understanding of AI & a church's decision to help startups. Listen in!

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    85: A Bit on the Deceitful Side

    Episode 85: Is secret job automation unethical? Should cyber security be regulated? Was the Bixby blowup warranted? Listen in for our thoughts!

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    84: Almost in the Realm of Cyborg

    In Ep.84 we discuss the almost-cyborgian 3rd thumb and chat about cookies/privacy, wasted tech, and the net neutrality action day.

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    83: Humans Make Bad Gods

    Zuck's comments on Facebook as church, the technology we can live without, and should we complain about Nintendo. Join us for the Tech Reformation.

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    82: Derek Shares a Secret

    Ever studied online? Do young men play too many video games? Who should be Apple's next visionary & what is Derek's secret? Tune in as we discuss all this in Episode 82 of the Tech Reformation podcast.

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    81: Rugged Marriage Tech Neutrality Crossover!

    Ben and Derek, and Chris and Alex from Rugged Marriage teamed up this week to talk about the morality of technology at large, and whether technology is either neutral or moral.

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    80: WWDC 2017

    This week Apple did a thing (or six), so Ben and Derek recorded a special episode to give their thoughts on WWDC 2017.

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    77: Living in an Echo Chamber

    It's finally here - our first show in the new format! Join us as we talk about the Amazon Echo Show, Vimeo and gospel transformation, net neutrality and personal app collections.

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    77 Alpha 1: We're BACK!

    A brief update! Dates, formats, all the news YOU need about your favorite podcast!

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    76: Problems at Uber

    This week Ben switches podcast apps (again), Vimeo goes 360 & we discuss some of Uber's recent problems.

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    74: Global Community

    February weather be cray, Twitter puts people in time out, and we talk about Facebook’s vision for a global community.

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    73: Alexa, Play the Murder Playlist

    Derek is frustrated about motivational speakers, the 'big 3' go unlimited all at once, and should the government have access to our smart assistants?

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    72: Experiencing Adventure

    In the experience that is Episode 72 we talk through the news, play 'Urban Myths' & discuss our inbuilt desire for adventure.

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    71: Tech, Politics and Immigration

    In Episode 71 Derek & Craig talk about the news, recommend AfterShip & discuss the response of tech companies to Trump's recent immigration order.

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    70: Quitting The Internet

    Ben and Derek quit the internet, argue over Tesla pronunciations, talk about budgeting with YNAB, and Ben is irritatingly good at recalling past episodes by number.

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    69: Kids and Technology, Round 2

    This week we discuss some more details about the Nintendo Switch, recommend Meetup in TYSU and go ‘Round 2’ on Kids and Technology.

  102. Thumb 1484366244 artwork

    68: Does Technology Change Theology?

    In Episode 68 we tip the hat to the iPhone’s 10th birthday, recommend Read Scripture and talk about the error of Process Theology.

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    66: Vanishing Act w/Jeremy Lundmark

    In the last episode for 2016 we talk exploding phones, Alphabet’s Waymo & the idea of stepping away from the web, at least for a time.

  105. Thumb 1481341704 artwork

    65: Amazon Go: Hot or Not?

    After some follow up we go into the news, reco MailChimp as Tech You Should Use & talk about streamlined shopping with Amazon Go.

  106. Thumb 1480738879 artwork

    64: Fight For Intimacy

    This week, we celebrate Netflix’s offline mode, lament Google’s iOS design choices, and talk through listener feedback on tech disconnectedness.

  107. Thumb 1480127065 artwork

    63: The Perks are Better

    Join us for a short episode (Happy Thanksgiving!) as we run through some news and open up the conversation about whether tech makes us connected or disconnected.

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    62: The News About Fake News

    This week we talk disappearing vending machines, UI woes with Apple’s Music App, and the not so surprising news that not all news is true on the internet.

  109. Thumb 1479018579 artwork

    61: Sucked Into the Walled Garden

    Some great follow up that's been waiting for WEEKS to be talked about, Tank talks about IFTTT, and Ben brings walled gardens to the discussion table.

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    60: Embrace the Awkward

    This week we discuss the news, wireless video transmission, embarrassing tech & taking Christianity out in public.

  111. Thumb 1477794586 artwork

    59: Gaming Spirituality

    Apple and Microsoft try to steal each others' thunder, Derek made a photo booth, and Tank wonders about gaming your spirituality.

  112. Thumb 1477223896 artwork

    58: Bible-Dropping Drones

    Tank joins us over the airwaves from Japan as we discuss Tesla’s interesting announcement, the Nintendo Switch and Bible-dropping drones.

  113. Thumb 1476500332 artwork

    57: Legislating Modesty

    Derek and Craig discuss the news, baby tracking apps, Facebook’s nipple problem and the concept of legislating modesty.

  114. Thumb 1475935447 artwork

    56: Technically on Time

    In this episode we talk about smartphone explosions, play Google Feud and discuss technology, time and efficiency.

  115. Thumb 1474684430 artwork

    55: Truth Disrupted

    On the radar this week we talk listener feedback, the last credit card app you'll ever need and how technology has disrupted the truth.

  116. Thumb 1474091140 artwork

    54: Toxic Tech Workplaces

    With Tank back and Derek away we press on and talk about the news, journaling apps and how an unbiblical worldview can lead some tech companies to become toxic workplaces.

  117. Thumb 1473477185 artwork

    53: Inanimate Milk

    We’re back from the Labor Day break to talk news, Alfred the launch assistant and whether or not the new iPhone, with all its sophistication and shine, will actually affect our lives as believers.

  118. Thumb 1472267830 artwork

    52: Kids and Technology

    This week we persevere through introduction interruptions, question the pronunciation of Tesla and two new dads talk about kids and technology from a Christian worldview.

  119. Thumb 1471670849 artwork

    51: The Podcast App Round-Up

    This week the whole crew is back together as we talk through the news, Ben gives his review of Pocket Casts for iOS and we follow on from last week’s discussion by asking Tank how he would summarize the gospel.

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    50: The Gospel

    This week, in our 50th episode, Ben, Craig and Derek celebrate Tech Reformation’s 1 year anniversary, Derek launches a discussion about Launch Center Pro and the guys hone in on the two focal points of Tech Reformation; the gospel and technology.

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    49: Caring for Aliens

    Tank takes a hiatus from his hiatus to talk with Craig about the news, parking apps and how we can use technology to care for and support refugees.

  122. Thumb 1469846877 artwork

    48: Online Cage Stage

    Turns out you guys like the iOS beta, Ben reviews yet another email app, and we talk about how we should treat comment sections online.

  123. Thumb 1469245923 artwork

    47: Self Driving Cars, Part Deux

    Twitter finally starts fighting the trolls, Ben gets peeved about being everyone’s tech support, and we discuss the potential moral dilemmas of self-driving car crashes.

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    46: Tim Challies

    This week we get to virtually sit down with Tim Challies! We talk about dealing with the rapidly changing landscape of technology, reflect on the nature of news on social media, discuss the impact of podcasting and blogging, and we ask Tim your questions!

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    45: Pokémon Snapchat

    The iOS 10 Public Beta has been released, Ben and Tank get PokéFever, and we discuss how we can inform the church better using tech.

  126. Thumb 1467429470 artwork

    44: There's A Line Somewhere

    Evernote turns the screws on its user base, Tank gets super nerdy with Postman, and we discuss when it’s appropriate to boycott our favorite tech companies.

  127. Thumb 1466823013 artwork

    43: SPAAAAACE!

    Errybody goes crazy over headphone jacks, Derek reps Markdown, and Craig wonders if we should put men on Mars.

  128. Thumb 1466341792 artwork

    42: The Craig Recap

    Craig is back at long last! Apple announces updates across all software, Craig talks about Pocket Casts and catches up with Ben about what we've been talking about the past few weeks.

  129. Thumb 1465660207 artwork

    41: One in Billions

    Ben goes on a Snapchat tirade, Tank talks crappy passwords, and are we living in a simulation?

  130. Thumb 1465051890 artwork

    40: Tech Neutrality

    New emoji are on the horizon, we talk about all YOUR feedback to Jerome Danner’s question about laptops, and is technology actually neutral, like many of us think?

  131. Thumb 1464407353 artwork

    39: Does Tech Make You Dumb?

    There’s actual video of real-life-virtual baptism, Tank talks about Heroku, and does tech make you dumb, like many would have you think?

  132. Thumb 1463801165 artwork

    38: The Power of Audio w/Jeremy Lundmark

    We brought on Jeremy Lundmark this week to talk lots of juicy Google I/O news and about Theology Mix, and the larger world of Christian podcasting.

  133. Thumb 1463237894 artwork

    37: Virtual Reality Baptism

    The new Instagram logo looks like a default Photoshop gradient, we do a long round of budgeting software talk, and will VR's legacy be porn?

  134. Thumb 1462594545 artwork

    36: Dispensational Devices

    Your fingerprint does not have the right to be silent, Derek rags on SoundCloud for awhile, and everyone rabbit trails from the main article to talk about the origin of sin.

  135. Thumb 1461983478 artwork

    35: An Imposter in Super Mario PJs

    Intel lays off thousands of people, Ben and Craig talk about their Apple TVs, and Ben and Tank nerd out on programming.

  136. Thumb 1460775445 artwork

    34: Built On Binary

    Drone racing is becoming a thing, Ben makes his phone read his books for him, and we talk about the motive behind Rust randomly assigning genders to players.

  137. Thumb 1460368374 artwork

    33: A Convenience Thing

    Audible starts branching out into podcasts, Derek talks about What Throttles His Data, and we talk about ride sharing!

  138. Thumb 1459568376 artwork

    32: Grace For Growth

    The FBI cracks the iPhone all by itself, Craig brings Mextures to the mix, and we talk about being honest about sin.

  139. Thumb 1459498457 artwork

    31: Souls, Round 2!

    Apple did a thing this week, Tank talks about learning Japanese with Anki, and we go round 2 on the soul discussion from last week!

  140. Thumb 1459498567 artwork

    30: The Trouble With Transporters

    Instagram plans to copy its older brother Facebook, LastPass adds the ability to use two-factor authentication, and we discuss CGP Grey’s video on the philosophical quandary of Star Trek transporters.

  141. Thumb 1459498665 artwork

    29: Professional Missionaries

    Apple and the FBI start hissing at each other, Derek presents the world of functional scanners, and Tank brings the topic of using one’s profession as a way to be a missionary overseas.

  142. Thumb 1459498720 artwork

    28: Digging Holes Is Not The Problem, w/ Chris Orsini

    Chris Orsini from The Rugged Marriage joins us this week to talk about the distinctions between addiction and priorities when it comes to our digital devices. Also, news and other stuff!

  143. Thumb 1459498813 artwork

    27: Apple v FBI

    Samsung releases a new phone at MWC, we play a Christian version of Google Feud, and we have a long discussion debating the Apple vs FBI case in America.

  144. Thumb 1459498862 artwork

    26: CRISPR Theology w/ Alex Humphrey

    This week we’re joined by Alex Humphrey from the Rugged Marriage podcast! We talk about the PrayerMate app and discuss the controversial genetic modification technique, CRISPR.

  145. Thumb 1459498920 artwork

    25: The Bible Project

    Instagram is finally supporting multiple accounts, Twitter is switching to an algorithmic timeline, and we got to interview Tim and Jon from The Bible Project this week!

  146. Thumb 1459498981 artwork

    24: Soak In That Wretchedness

    Alphabet becomes world’s most valuable company before Apple snatches the title back, Derek talks about TextExpander, and we discuss whether we should call out unbelievers’ sin, and if so, how do we do it?

  147. Thumb 1459499040 artwork

    23: NeuBible and the Punk Rock Show

    Aaron Martin from NeuBible joins us this week to talk about NeuBible, the church, and how design can be a key way to glorify God.

  148. Thumb 1459499089 artwork

    22: That’s Called Witchcraft

    Netflix makes good on its promise to ban VPNs from its service, Ben tells us why Slack would be great for your business or church, and we talk about how Christian apps fit into a Christian’s life.

  149. Thumb 1460212750 artwork

    21: Roadtrip Roulette

    The online encyclopedia turns 15, Tank recommends wireless headphones, and we let cars drive our topic this week.

  150. Thumb 1460212750 artwork
  151. Thumb 1460212750 artwork

    19.5: A Tech Reformation Christmas

    Merry Christmas!

    Bringing you a shorter episode right before we take a small Christmas break. We talk about our Christmas traditions and what tech items we’d super love to get as gifts, but probably never will. Sit back and enjoy!

  152. Thumb 1460212750 artwork

    19: The Fork Awakens

    The Force Awakens has been released and is AWESOME, we suggest places to learn to code, and we discuss how Christians can show love for neighbor both on and offline.

  153. Thumb 1460212750 artwork

    18: Revenge of the Rainbow Lorikeets

    Serial’s back with a vengeance, we advise Mailbox fans on our fav email apps, and we talk through the idea of internet censorship.

  154. Thumb 1460212750 artwork

    17: Rainbow Lorikeets Go Insane

    Apple’s Swift has gone open source, Derek talks Hazel on the Mac, we fail miserably at Google Feud, and we talk about tech spending.

  155. Thumb 1460212750 artwork

    16: Obama Is From Outer Space

    Some little punk can solve the Rubik’s cube faster than us, we play Google Feud, and is killing someone in a video game morally wrong?

  156. Thumb 1460212750 artwork

    15: Postmodernism

    AN emoji is word of the year, Tank introduces us to the Steam Link, and we talk about postmodernism.

  157. Thumb 1460212750 artwork

    14: Drunken Octopus Two-Step

    Ben is soon off to Serbia, we introduce Lutherbot to the unwashed masses that aren’t on the Slack, and we talk about unity among believers.

  158. Thumb 1460212750 artwork

    13: Living as a Digital Nomad

    Facebook’s iOS-using employees are apparently inept, we present every cloud storage solution on the planet, and we discuss the digital nomad lifestyle.

  159. Thumb 1460212750 artwork

    12: Rogue AI

    Derek’s back, Google gets into podcasts, Ben recommends Google Photos magic, and we discuss rogue AI.

  160. Thumb 1460212750 artwork

    11: Tech & Happiness

    News, more ways to save money, and a discussion on happiness, joy, tech and theology.

  161. Thumb 1460212750 artwork

    10: TV & Future Glory

    News, how to stay in touch with the latest content via Feed Readers and we chat about TV and entertainment from a Christian perspective.

  162. Thumb 1463782097 artwork
  163. Thumb 1463781642 artwork

    8: Keyboard Warriors

    We play QuizUp on a whim, you should let Bing pay you to use it, and we talk internet mob justice.

  164. Thumb 1463574533 artwork

    7: Content Blockers

    The Pope blesses and curses the iPhone launch in NYC, getting deeper into context with Blue Letter Bible, and we end up being balanced on ad blockers, despite our best efforts.

  165. Thumb 1463574259 artwork

    6: Free Internet

    Disliking Facebook’s button, liking Chromecast, and debating free internet!

  166. Thumb 1463574171 artwork

    5: The AppleCast

    We talk Apple, more Apple, and how Apple is interesting theologically.

  167. Thumb 1463573951 artwork

    4: Mighty Drones Of Valor

    Trying not to talk about Apple rumors, seeing how we use our Pockets, and discussing drones and how privacy should be viewed through the Bible.

  168. Thumb 1463573685 artwork

    3: The Nomophobia Test

    News, presenting apps for memorizing Scripture, and discussing smartphone addiction.

  169. Thumb 1463573451 artwork

    2: Automation

    This Week: Xena the Warrior Princess, to-do list apps, and we talk about the effect of automation on jobs.

  170. Thumb 1463572689 artwork

    1: Virtual Reality

    This week: News, password managers and virtual reality!

  171. Thumb 1463570640 artwork

    Alpha 1: The Introsode

    Tech Reformation is a brand new podcast, brought to you by four reformed Christian guys who love Jesus and technology (definitely in that order). With a growing number of reformed podcasts hitting the airwaves you might be wondering how this one is unique and basically you’ll have to wait to find out! We’ll be answering that question in our very first episode though, which is coming soon, so stay tuned!

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